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We sell mushrooms and berries to EU countries

We sell mushrooms and berries to EU countries

We sell fresh chanterelles at attractive prices all season



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Lesnoff LTD has been active in the EU mushroom market since 1999.

Our main product is fresh chanterelles, we offer them all season. Business volume is 500-1000 tons depending on the season.

Nevertheless, we are ready to supply frozen, dried and salted chanterelles.

We are also ready to supply other mushrooms: ceps, morel, morel cap, Wood Hengehog, Horn of Planty, Saffron cap,  orange-cap boletus, mossiness mushrooms,  oily mushrooms and other mushrooms.

But our main business is still fresh chanterelles.

We also offer wild berries for delivery - wild strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn and cloudberries.

We invite companies that sell wild mushrooms and berries in the EU for mutually beneficial cooperation.

But we will be especially pleased with companies that sell fresh chanterelles.

We speak English and Russian, read and write in any language.


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